Take care of your staff. Make your life easier.

No more punch cards and time off request paper forms. Say hello to modern HR.

Keeping track of your staff data is hard.

Moxit's all-in-one HR system streamlines onboarding, consolidates employee records and reduces administrative busy work. We’re getting you out of the maze of spreadsheets and back in front of your team.


It's tedious work to keep track of all of the different forms and records. Moxit HR's simple interface will streamline all of your onboarding, time tracking, and secure document storage.

One product to take care of your programs

Enjoy the fastest and easiest enrollment/re-enrollment/registration with online forms pre-populated with data for returning students. Improve response rate by putting enrollment agreements/contracts online with electronic signatures. You will be able to track the return of submitted re-enrollments and send reminders to “procrastinating families.”

Easy onboarding

Let your new staff onboard themselves

Secure Data

The systems are continuously monitored to be secure

Easy time off tracking

Track your staff time from the comfort of your office